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' Rising' XL piece of modern original art

'RISING' modern original art


'Rising' is one of the more complex pieces of modern original art. Set against a pristine white canvas, this piece is brimming with vibrant touches of color which dance and intertwine, creating a dynamic symphony of movement and light.


This original art piece is a show stopper, the detail and 3D paint rising from the canvas is part of it's appeal. The multitude of colours are rich and deep and yet work beautifully together.


Measuring approximately 125 X 125  cm, created using mixed media on a deep edged canvas, this modern art work is complemented by a beech wood tray  frame. 


Whether displayed in a contemporary living space or a minimalist office setting, this mesmerizing artwork is sure to captivate and inspire all who encounter it.


This large piece would need to be delivered by courier, please email for a quote.

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