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Meet the artist behind the art

Image of Jo FitzGerald with her abstract art paintings behind

Unconventional, intriguing and evocative.

Discover more about Jo's modern abstract art.

This modern abstract art is designed to make your walls come alive and get the conversation started. With unique and eye-catching visuals, these 'one-of' pieces will be sure to give your home a stamp of your own identity. Make your walls dance with show stopping art that will make any room the focal point. Don't settle for mass-produced art, make a statement that no one else will own.

It’s bold. It’s colourful. It’s uniquely yours. 


It’s art to make your walls dance!

Transform your home into a vibrant sanctuary with Jo's breathtaking modern abstract art.  Bursting with vibrant colours and breaking free from traditional rules, Jo's modern abstract art pieces are a captivating addition to any interior space.


Working primarily with acrylics, she fearlessly incorporates inks, charcoal, oil sticks, and pastels to create intuitive marks, textures, and intricate details that inject unparalleled intrigue and visual interest into each piece.

Jo's expressive and energetic style brings a harmonious fusion of loose geometric forms and captivating layers of texture and depth. As you consider enhancing your surroundings with original abstract art, Jo's work holds immense value for you and your home. Each layer of her art invites you to look deeper, uncovering something new with every glance. This captivating journey of exploration adds an extra dimension to your space, making it an engaging and ever-evolving visual experience.

Embrace the boldness of Jo's vibrant colours and the captivating energy that emanates from her artwork. It becomes a statement piece, creating an atmosphere of vitality and expression in your home. The play with scale, colour balance, and intuitive mark making ensures that each artwork takes on a life of its own, becoming a source of wonder and authenticity.

When you bring Jo's modern abstract art into your space, you not only acquire a visually stunning piece but also infuse your surroundings with a sense of vitality and personality. Jo's art work becomes a conversation starter, a focal point that adds depth and character to your interior design. By indulging in the boldness of colour and chaotic energy that define Jo's creations, you create an environment that sparks joy and ignites your soul.

Discover the transformative power of Jo's abstract artwork as it breathes new life into your home. Experience the joy of owning an original piece of abstract art, as unique as your home, that not only complements your interior surroundings but also brings a sense of authenticity, visual expression, and vibrant energy to your everyday life.


Explore Jo's captivating collection today and let your home come alive with the power of art.

What my collectors say

Summer bloom abstract art

"Really pleased with our new art,

they are just right for the house'


New owner of 'Racing Heart' and 'Summer Bloom'

Oh Happy Day colourful abstract art

"The painting has arrived and it's wonderful! Fantastic! Amazing! It is going to bring me so much joy especially after a piece of artwork was delivered yesterday from Lisbon but broken courtesy of the carrier! I am just having a cup of tea and admiring my latest work of art! I shall look forward to visiting again!"

New owner of 'Oh Happy Day'

"We absolutely love it,

cannot thank you enough"


New owner of 'Purple heart'

Purple Heart contemporary abstract art

"I do just want to let you know that each and every time I step into my kitchen, Full Bloom puts a huge smile on my face. I'm so honoured to be custodian of it."

New owner of 'Full Bloom'

Full Bloom oil on canvas

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