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flourish original modern art

FLOURISH - art print


This beautiful modern abstract art original was such a 'hit' with customers I decided to make a print of the original so more people can enjoy it. 


It's whispers of colour dance across the paper in a playful, lighthearted swathe, which brings a lightness and freshness to any interior decor.


I print on demand and so have a variety of sizes, simply choose to print on quality paper (supplied ready to drop into your chosen frame), or a stretched deep edged canvas, which can be hung straight on the wall.


If you would like your deep edged canvas to be framed, similar to the original this can be arranged.( please contact for a price for framing)


I have selected the most popular sizes to suit the original but should you require a different size to the ones listed please contact me for a quote.


All prints are supplied unframed.

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