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Antiques. Objet d'art.

Discover Unique Homeware:
One-of-a-Kind Treasures for Your Eclectic Home

Welcome to the 'Decor' section of 'One of One,' where the conscious shopper meets the exceptional. Discover a curated selection of unique homeware, available online and in-store, featuring antique treasures and handcrafted pieces, all individually sourced by us. Our rare investment pieces elevate your home interiors, transcending time and trends, and seamlessly blending into both modern and traditional homes.


Perfect in their imperfections and having lived a recycled life, these items embody positive environmental purchases. With no mass production, an ethical footprint, and a focus on sustainability, 'One of One' offers decor that adds quirky charm and eclectic flair to any space. Explore our distinctive pieces and transform your home into a haven of artful elegance.


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