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corner view of brightly coloured abstract art work

Twin Flame


Step into the captivating world of this colourful abstract art "Twin Frame" from my 'Adsum Collection,' where feminine energy is beautifully conveyed on canvas with a blend of strength, grace, vulnerability, and courage. This original mixed media artwork is inspired by the deep wells of feminine power, celebrating the dynamic dance of life and infusing your space with vibrant energy.


**Size:** At a stunning 105 x 105 cm (including frame), this deep-edged canvas, framed in a sleek silver-painted tray frame, commands attention and adds an elegant touch to any room.


**Medium:** "Twin Frame" features a colourful and harmonious mix of acrylic, pastels, and ink. The bright and bold colours move energetically across the canvas, bringing a lively and engaging element to your home decor.


**Ethereal Beauty:** Each brushstroke captures a sense of movement and lightness, elevating this piece beyond the ordinary. It invites you into a realm of ethereal beauty and subtle energy, offering a refreshing visual experience.


**Art to Enliven Your Space:** More than just decor, "Twin Frame" is a conversation starter, a mood enhancer, and a source of inspiration. Its joyful spirit and unique charm will invigorate your home, making your walls come alive with vibrant energy.


Transform your space with the magic of  this colourful abstract orignal art "Twin Frame," turning it into a sanctuary of color and inspiration where every glance brings joy and wonder.

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