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F**k Pretty

F**k Pretty


Letting go on the canvas and creating intuatively is when I'm at my happiest - this piece of modern abstract art is one of those created when my mind was free of thought, with no agenda as to how the painting evolves, just tuning in to what came through at that time, music on, dancing and playing with paint. 


"F**K Pretty' is totally about freedom, not caring what people think, not trying to create art which is commercially appealing - it's raw, it's brave,  it's honest art!


If you love colour, don't follow the rules and want art that speaks to you - this modern abstract art piece might just be for you.  One things for sure, it will jump from the room into the conversation and bring a smile to your face for years to come.


Created using mixed media on deep edged canvas, the piece is set in a modern white floating frame ready to hang. Measuring  134 x 107 cm with frame

This piece could work both horizontally or vertically !



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