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Choosing abstract art can sometimes feel a little daunting; the pressure to make the right choice - after all you've got to look at your new art for (hopefully) many years to come.

I want you to love your modern abstract art, chosen well - it will elevate your home and bring a smile to your face everyday.

Which is why at 1of1.Art we aim to inject a little personal service to our buyers; for those living in the Devon area we can deliver a variety of chosen modern abstract art to your home. You can take your time, view the pieces in the surroundings - how does the light affect the piece, is the size right and do the colours work?

Still unsure? We are happy to leave it with you for a few days so you can be absolutely 100% sure it's the piece for you.

If not, no problem, we can swing by and collect.

How's that for service!

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